With 10 simple techniques,

make your symptoms of hyperventilation disappear within a day.

Imagine being able to make all the appointments you would like to make, because you are no longer worried about getting panic attacks.

Enjoying the whole movie in the cinema, because you are no longer concerned with where the exits are and how quickly you can reach them.

Or being prepared for every potentially terrifying moment, because you know that you will come out unscathed. That you have full control over how your body reacts.

Imagine having a stack of information about hyperventilation and making sense of it. Connecting that information to your symptoms and being able to change your life accordingly.

That’s where I can help you.

What do you get?
All the information you need to regain control of your body.
Exercises and techniques that allow you to completely get rid of hyperventilation.
Coaching to find out what causes the panic attacks.
Extensive help to you plan your hyperventilation-free future.


Is this technique suitable for you?

Until now, you probably haven’t experienced severe enough symptoms to feel the need to change anything in your life.

Or you have made attempts to find out what causes your panic attacks, without it having resulted in immediate results.

Visiting this page at this moment means you’re ready for a permanent solution.

If you are tired of waking up tired, of having to avoid appointments or places for fear of an attack, or of the feeling that your body is out of control, then I like to work with you.

These are the options to help you get rid of your hyperventilation:

if you have mild symptoms and want long-term relaxation try the option to learn to relax for 5 minutes,
if you have mild complaints and occasional panic attacks, try the option to get rid of the panic attacks and to have them gone for the rest of your life,
if you have regular and heavy symptoms, try the option to tackle all the causes of your hyperventilation thoroughly.

There is a chance you will make easily resolvable symptoms of hyperventilation worse. Turn them into stress, or perhaps even a burnout. Not only will you have to cancel appointments, but you will have to take time off to work on your recovery.

When you tackle the symptoms now, while they are not so severe, you will feel as good as new within a week.

Download the 10 techniques to stop a panic attack
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Resolving hyperventilation
Sleep better
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Are these the right techniques for you?
You suffer from mild panic attacks. They hinder you, and you want to get rid of them.
You still go to appointments and work, but you find that the fear of a panic attack tends to make you want to stay at home.
You want to work on your health independently with the help of theory and exercises. You do not need extra help.
You suffer from persistent stress-related symptoms that you can no longer control independently.

You want an in-depth investigation into the root of your stress-related symptoms.
You want step-by-step personal guidance in resolving your stress-related issues.

MisjaHyperventilation Expert
Until a couple of years ago, I worked as a psychosomatic physiotherapist.
So not have I only learned the basic knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, but I have gotten extra training to learn how that system copes with stress.

During that time, I have seen many patients with hyperventilation or panic attacks. The GP who referred them recommended “Mindfulness” as a treatment.
I overloaded them with information, and we mapped out a plan of attack to vanquish the hyperventilation during our first appointment. But by the second meeting a week later, all symptoms were gone.

All of these patients knew within one appointment:

  • what happened in the body, and
  • why that happened in their body.

And that was before we had done a major investigation to find out what had caused it.

Not only that. I recently experienced for the second time what panic and hyperventilation can do to your body and mind.
Because yes: I can analyze and resolve my symptoms within half an hour, and yes: I forget that I have to maintain my health if I do not have stressful situations.

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